Propworx Star Trek Auction V Haul!

Today was the Propworx Star Trek V Auction and it was awesome! Some of the items blew their expected sale prices out of the water and some sold for way under.

Patri and I set a morning alarm so we would be up in time to bid on the things we liked. We’re both really happy with the auctions we won. I can’t wait to undertake the project of creating/finding gentle and attractive ways of displaying these items. I will be taking pictures and making detailed posts about the individual items once they come in and I have a chance to photograph them/do a little research.

For now, I’ll share the list of items and a gallery of the images used for the auction listings:

1) A collection of scripts from Star Trek: The Next Generation — this includes a script for “The Measure of a Man“, one of my favorite episodes.

2) A couple of strips of gold-pressed latinum produced for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

3) A Bajoran earring with a green stone produced for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

4) A gorgeous red and black floral gown worn by Captain Janeway while off-duty in several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager.

5) An adorable red and purple (Patri + Brit’s favorite colors) infant jumper worn by Hana Hatae for her role as Molly O’Brien in several episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

6) A silk and cotton blend shirt featuring purple with swirls of red, yellow, and teal worn by Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko in “various episodes” of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It’s distinctive, beautiful, and I think will display well.

For all of the above items where I say they appear in “several episodes,” I’ll provide that detail along with screenshots of the items as screen-used when the items arrive and I make the individual, more detailed posts.

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